How to Add a Pink Flower Girl Dress to Your Bridal Party

Pale pink, bold hot pink, and even whimsical bubblegum pink are all hues preferred by the vast majority of young girls. This is generally one of the reasons that it is so remarkably easy to find a pink flower girl dress, but the shade or hue selected must have some sort of coordination with the rest of the bridal party too.

Fortunately, the bride who would like to give her girl the dress of her dreams should be able to easily find a pink flower girl dress that works within the framework of the rest of the bridal clothes. How is that? Well, there are many different styles of gowns, and generally these styles will give a bride access to a few different varieties of pink.

For example, one vendor might offer something like an embroidered mesh empire dress which comes in a very mature hue of pink that is close to mauve and yet still very youthful. Alternately, another vendor might make a pink girl dress that looks like it belongs in a fairy tale and which is composed of tulle layers in a beautiful assortment of shades that range from nearly violet to palest pink.

Okay, you might say, it’s great that there is such a diversity of options, but how do I know what type of pink flower girl dress to use if there is no pink in any of the other bridal garments? The answers are quite simple – you might opt to use an old-fashioned color wheel approach and look for a pink that is the complementary opposite of another color in the bridal clothing. Alternately, you might find a hue that is similar to the sorts of flowers to appear in the bouquets or in the wedding venue. Finally, you might find a pattern that offers accents of deeper pink against a paler base color. For instance, you might have a bridal party decked out in a plum color, and you could select flower girl dresses that have a very pale pink base with lots of embroidered flowers in which a coordinating plum appears.

Remember too that your flower girl is supposed to also somehow mirror the bride. So, if the bride’s dress has an organza overlay, it is a good idea to find a girl dress with one as well. If the bride is wearing a large sash, then this too might appear only on the flower girl’s delicate pink dress as well.