Simple Method Of Booking Tickets For a Movie in Kolkata

The Bengali cinema perpetually belonged to the dramatic genre – dealing with social issues and stigmas, the elements of romance, passion, comedy and tragedy would be beautifully intertwined here and there to drive home the point. Such has been the enigma of some of the Tollywood directors and film personalities that even the Western world of cinema has accepted and appreciated them.  Except for a brief period in between, towards the late 2000, that the industry seemed to be lost in the darkness, Tollywood has been always been in the limelight for movies that were not only commercial success but also truly depicted the poignancy of life capably using the talent pool of the industry.

Film is an integral part of the city of Kolkata. Not only films, the city identifies itself very comfortable with music, art, architecture, literature, sports and even politics. Watching a movie in Kolkata is a primarily a family event – Bengalis love the idea of the entire family going out together, spending quality time. It could also be a romantic evening out or simply a way of catching up with friends.

With smart technology at hand and the flexibility of being able to book movie tickets online, cinema has become a luxury to all the classes of the city – especially now, as entertainment ticket aggregators like PhonePe, Paytm and MobiKwik feature the city on their App and booking site. It is such a simple task to book tickets of movies in Kolkata. You would need to download the App of the said retailer on your smart phone. Or alternately visit the website of the reseller. The location is either automatically picked up by the system or you would be required to mention the first time. Once done, it gets saved in the cookies of the browser that the site uses and even in the App.

Now you need to choose from a long list of ongoing movies in Kolkata that are being shown. You can also see a list of movies that are still not released but have opened up for advance booking. Once the movie is selected, a list of all the theaters that are showing the movie in Kolkata will open up. Select the hall that is the most convenient or is the best amongst the lot. Now comes your turn to choose the seats from a pop-up window that shows a pictorial representation of the auditorium with clearly marked seats that are available for sale and the ones that are sold-out.

After all the above steps are done, the final step is to make the payments. Online payments can be done using a credit card, a debit card or Netbanking. Reliable and leading aggregators have their own virtual wallets that are considered the safest mode of payment as on date. Once the payment details are fed in, the booking is processed and you are immediately sent a confirmatory SMS and email on your registered id – the entire process taking from few seconds to few minutes.